Southwest Regional Convention

We ​are ​so ​excited ​to ​share ​with ​you ​“The ​Beauty ​of ​the ​CA ​Forest” ​nestled ​against ​the ​backdrop ​of ​the ​Rocky ​Mountains ​in ​the ​award-winning ​luxurious ​Omni ​Interlocken ​Hotel ​and ​Spa.

​You can register, book your hotel, find contact information, and more HERE.

You can find information about restaurants, attractions, and hiking in the areas around the Omni Interlocken Hotel HERE

There is also additional information available on the Sponsorship Workshop that will be hosted at the convention HERE

Cocaine ​Anonymous ​(CA) ​2019 ​Southwest ​Regional ​Convention ​will ​be ​held ​March ​29th-31st ​at ​the ​Omni ​Interlocken ​Hotel ​in ​Broomfield, ​Colorado. ​ ​All ​are ​welcome ​to ​join ​Cocaine ​Anonymous ​for ​speaker ​meetings, ​topic ​meetings, ​panels, ​workshops, ​meditation, ​and ​fun ​activities.

Cocaine ​Anonymous ​Southwest ​Region ​Convention ​will ​celebrate, ​educate ​and ​inspire ​all ​who ​wish ​to ​participate, ​the ​weekend ​of ​March ​29th-31st. ​ ​The ​Southwest ​Regional ​convention ​is ​held ​every ​year ​in ​one ​of ​the ​following ​Areas: ​Arizona ​Area, ​Colorado ​Area, ​C.A. ​of ​Southern ​Colorado ​Area, ​Kansas ​Area, ​New ​Mexico ​Area, ​Oklahoma ​Area, ​North ​Texas ​Area, ​Texas ​Area ​Service ​Gulf ​Coast, ​South ​Central ​Texas ​Area.

Don’t ​Miss ​the ​”Beauty ​of ​the ​CA ​forest” ​and ​join ​Cocaine ​Anonymous ​Southwest ​Region ​for ​a ​weekend ​filled ​with ​Joy, ​Love, ​Fun, ​Fellowship, ​Hope, ​Faith, ​Courage, ​Food, ​Entertainment ​and ​so ​much ​more!