Service Committees

There are many CA service opportunities in Colorado. Service is a great way to help maintain sobriety. Links below provide information about CA Service.

CA Colorado District Meetings

District 1
6:30 pm – 1st Thursday of the month
10242 E. 16th Avenue, Aurora, CO

District 2
7:00 pm – 4th Thursday of the month
1193 S. Bannock Street, Denver, CO

District 3
7:00 pm – 3rd Tuesday of the month
10576 W. Alameda Avenue, Lakewood, CO

Area Service Committees

A number of committees have been established to help carry the message to the addict who still suffers. Below is information on some of those at the area level.

1. The Area Committee 

The Colorado Area Service Committee provides and coordinates several services at an area (State) level. See section IV (page 2) of the Colorado Area Service Manual (May, 2018).

2. The Convention Committee

The Convention Committee coordinates conventions to carry the message of recovery, unity and service to members of Cocaine Anonymous.

3. The H&I Committee

The Hospitals and Institutions Committee is responsible for the coordination of and active participation in Twelve Step work within hospitals and institutions. H and I stands for “Hospitals and Institutions.” This is a committee which, at the request of the administration of various hospitals and institutions, sends members of Cocaine Anonymous to those institutions to conduct meetings. CA is not in any way affiliated with the Institutions but does adhere to the special requirements of the particular facility (i.e. security/dress).

Q: How do I participate in H&I?
A: For more information contact the H&I committee. There are flyers in every CA meeting with more details on how to reach the H&I committee.

Q: Who may attend H&I?
A: You may attend H&I meetings if you have any clean time at all! Once again, certain meetings may require security clearance.

For more information please contact Hospitals & Institutions Chair at

CA World: H&I Media, Forms and Publications

4. The IT Committee

The Information Technology (IT) Committee maintains the area website and utilizes technology to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. Please submit information about meetings, events and committees to

5. The Newsletter Committee

Publishes the area newsletter.

6. PIP Committee

The Public Information and Phoneline (PIP) Committee is responsible for distribution of literature and information to the public as well as managing the local CA hotlines.

PI will have it’s monthly meeting at
1193 S Bannock St, Denver, CO 80223 St.

CA World: P.I. Media, Forms and Publications

7. The Structure and Bylaws Committee

The Structure and Bylaws Committee formulates bylaws, guidelines and structures by which Cocaine Anonymous can operate, day-to-day, at conferences and elsewhere.

7. The Unity Committee

The Unity Committee is responsible for the communication and outreach among the diverse elements within the fellowship at all levels, in the interest of carrying the CA message. It is also suggested that this committee sponsor annual workshops and other forums to promote CA unity.

The Unity Committee will have it’s monthly meeting at
1193 S Bannock St, Denver, CO 80223 St.

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